PiXelTRain server

The PiXelTrain server is a joint project of Frank Laffin (Germany) and Zoltan Szabó (Hungary) - dealing with screensavers about railways, other railway enthusiast themes - and there are a few other, personal projects too.
Railway screensavers, vehicle drawings
Bahnschranke: Forum with new drawings https://bahnschranke.pxtr.de
Vehicle picture collection (old site) https://pc.pxtr.de
Vehicle picture collection (new site) http://pc2.pxtr.de
Museum - copies of already disappeared sites https://museum.pxtr.de
DokuWiki: how to use and extend the screensavers https://dokuwiki.pxtr.de
Other railway enthusiast themes
DR Wagen: Forum about freight car of the former DR https://dr-wagen.pxtr.de
Bahnfrank https://bahnfrank.pxtr.de
Der Allstedter kommt https://igtt.pxtr.de
JHMD Foto https://jhmd-foto.pxtr.de
Personal sites
Laffin Family https://laffin-family.pxtr.de
Acrylmalerei Kerstin Salin https://stine.pxtr.de
Kibu-Damen https://kibu-damen.pxtr.de
Feilenfabrik Sangerhausen https://feile.pxtr.de
Rege Studio https://regestudio.pxtr.de