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Autor Ex- DR Wagons in Greece   1  # 2  top
Jason Z

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Eingetreten: 10.08.14
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Eingetragen am 10.08.2014 23:49
Hello everybody ... and excuse me for writing in English but my German are not good enough.

I am new to the forum.. and i basically registered for this topic I am opening now..

Through years many different ex- German wagons have come to Greece... Some of them just came for some days and left, some of them were destroyed here (during WW II), and some others came or were left, and finally were reused by the Greek Railways (SEK and later OSE).

For the last category... there are two basic cases :

1. After WW I, around 1920 a big ammount (for Greek standards) of ex- German wagons, called the "armistice wagons" came in Greece and were used..

2. During WW II (occupation of Germans), the traffic of German freight cars and passenger coaches was quite frequent (basically nearly all trains included some of them). This of course caused a huge comfusion.. German, Italian, Serbian, Czech (thousands of wagons) and more were left in Greece, while at the same time many Greek ones ended up at other countries (of course including Germany). SEK of course, because the damages were huge found, repaired and operated whatever they could.. (Note: I very small number is still, very rarely, working for auxiliary reasons).

Here i will try to post as many info and photos of them as i can find ... so maybe we have the luck and some of you could identify any of them to any known (or unknown) classes, types ... or even better to find the original DR number..

I begin with two wagons for today ... and for Good Night ..:

1. PHOTOS 1 & 2 : Currently maintenance car with UIC numbering 20 73 100 7 366-4... and ex - Βρπτ 770, meaning B' class (which was ex- C class), 3-axled, with airbrake and handbrake.

As you probably understood, the body is not original at all, it was made this way for the needs of the maintenance team (it was a sleeping wagon of the track maintenance teams). But even when it was in service its body was not its original. The Piraeus Works in Greece, back then had a very characteristic style to rebuilt the passenger coaches....

So what is original here is the frame ...

Some dimensions :

Length between 1st and 3rf axle: 7500 mm
Height between the tracks and the frame's lower part: 920 mm
Frame length: 11430 mm
Frame width: 3000 mm
Frame width at the fronts (narrower due to the doors): 2380 mm
Length of the narrower frame areas for the doors: 950 mm
Maximum width (including the stairs): 3140 mm

2. (PHOTOS 3 & 4) Two - axled tank car, built by WAGGONFABRIK GEBR. LÜTTGENS G.m.b.H, SAARBRÜCKEN in 1942.

Unfortunately i have not any dimensions of it .... and it is also burned, so we can not see any lengths painted on it.

Although, it has a number " P 921297 " (P meaning tank car)... which is quite strange... because that number does not belong to any series. The left-in-Greece tank cars normally took a 6-digit number starting with 118xxx. Therefore, maybe this 921297 number is the original DR number ..

Could some one recognize / identify any of them ??

Thank you !
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Autor RE: Ex- DR Wagons in Greece   2  # 2  top

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Eingetreten: 21.03.11
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Eingetragen am 12.08.2014 07:57
Wer Übersetzungshilfe braucht , bitte melden.
Ihr könnt auch ruhig in deutsch schreiben, Jason versteht etwas deutsch!

der gedeckte graue ist IMHO ein ehemaliger preußischer Abteilwagen, oder auch ein passender ex Post oder Packwagen.

Hello Jason,

the Grey, covered wagon ist imho a former prussian passenger wagon ( or probably Luggage or postwagon on the same type of frame).
Those wagons where easy to convert because theire superstructure was made by wood.

The tank car is a Standard leightweight tank car , so called UERDINGEN Type ( ELK = Einheits Leicht Kesselwagen )
Those cars where build from the early 40ies . There have been two types , UERDINGEN and DEUTZ , developed by the builders Waggonfabrik Uerdingen ( Close to Krefeld ) and WESTWAGGON ( Köln- Deutz ).
Both where frameless, but they look different.

I try to add some links later.

Best regards
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