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MM-Kochbuch Teil 2

1. Foreword

The first part of the MM 'cookbook' was about the USER_BMP.INI how it behaved under Windows XP and where it was. The second part of the 'Cookbook' is now about how it behaves in Windows 7, or where it hides exactly, because what has changed.


In Windows 7, a separate record “AppData” is set up for each user where the USER_BMP.INI is located. The whole can be found in C:\Users\***\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\MM_Bahn_V3. In this record are then the files: SCR3LOC.DAT, SCR3TRN.DAT, USER_BMP.INI, and USER_BMP.INI.BAK. The whole is only so if Windows 7 is configured in the normal setting!

This configuration ensures that a separate screen saver can be set up for each user/profile, which was previously not possible under Windows XP.

For the lower settings, the MM screen saver and thus also the USER_BMP.INI behave like in Windows XP.

3. How do I get to AppData?

Unfortunately, getting to AppData does not make it easy for a Windows 7, if you do not use a file manager!

1. In the search field at “Start” enter %appdata%, with the two % at the beginning and the end. One of the file folders roaming is offered, which we select.

2. In the input line above, you then delete the roaming at the end.

3. Then there is a pulldown menu and then there is Local what you then selects.

4. Here is the listing VirtualStore called and then you get to the record program Files.

5. There is then the record MM_Bahn_V3 and then there is also the USER_BMP.INI. (Finally!)

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HP by Thomas Brian and Martin Voepel:

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