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Translating here is encouraged. Translated pages are to be named like their English counterparts and stored in a separate namespace based on their ISO code. To make this easier the Translation-Plugin adds links to existing and missing translations in the upper right corner of every page.

Only languages manually configured by the administrator are shown in the selector. If you want to add translations for a language currently not shown, just manually create the pages in the appropriate language subnamespace and send a mail to the Administrator asking for your language to be added.

Translation Guidelines

  • Feel free to create any missing translation
  • Only pages in the wiki namespace should be translated
  • translated pages need to have the same (English) name as the original page
  • translated pages have to be stored in a sub namespace of the wiki space named by the ISO language code
  • Please don't add stubs saying the page does not exist, yet.
  • A good starting point for translations is the DokuWiki Manual

Disabling translation feature for certain pages

Where translation is not sensible the ~~NOTRANS~~ macro should be inserted into the page.

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