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Special notes for authors in this railroad screensaver wiki:

The Auotoindexer (index) on the left represents all available pages (all languages), but only with the file name, for example, the file for the cookbook page is “cookbook.txt”, if there are translations, they must have the same file name (page name) have them found, in order to have a uniform line you take English names for these names, So all translations of “Cookbook” are called cookbook (.txt) and are always in the same respective folders en, fr, pl etc. resp. subfolders (namespaces) of them → “de:mm-saver:cookbook”, “en:mm-saver:cookbook “etc.

Please use only short descriptive English page names or folder names (namespace names), the title of the page, that is the first headline, will be in the respective language Example: ”===== Cookbook =====”. All other headings, paragraph headings please from H3 so 4 equals or less.

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