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This is about the surname Laffin, its origin and distribution -
ancestors and family research.

When I started genealogy a few years ago, I had no idea that there are so many Laffins on this planet. The internet opens up an infinite number of sources. Only the online telephone books show a small overview of the name distribution. There are already 95 entries in the German telephone directory called Laffin, but only a small part of them I have been able to assign to family, in the US phone book it is 298, in the British 43, in the French 169 and in the Canadian 205 (in 2000).
In the genealogical search on the Internet you will find again a larger number of different entrances. Unfortunately, some data is only for money.
Of great benefit are the activities of the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". (Mormons), which helped me a lot.
A huge puzzle game is now finding the relationships between all these data.

In former Pomerania I have already found many names after 1800.
From the places ladies (Stare Debno) and Muttrin (Motarzyn) or environment (circle Belgard (Bialogard)) come my direct ancestors.
My oldest known ancestor is so far Joachim Erdmann Lafien, born 1778. Unfortunately, the even older church attendants are lost, so that they can not go any further.

Another family Laffin I have to the old owner Karl Laffin from Stepen in the circle Bublitz (Bobolice) (later to Neustettin) Pomeranians to be able to trace, unfortunately so far without connection to my ancestors.

With the help of as many as possible Laffins or their descendants from all over the world, one could certainly get out much more. So please sign up !!!

Assistance, hints, suggestions, wishes, criticisms and inquiries are always welcome.

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