Here we are talking about the origin and the spreading of the Laffin surname and about genealogy and ancestry.

When I started with genealogy some years ago, I had no idea that there are so many people on earth with the Laffin surname. It`s possible to find lots of interesting sources on the net. Looking through phone books online I found 95 entries in Germany, 298 in the USA, 43 in Great Britain, 169 in France and 205 in Canada. It`s a big jigsaw puzzles to try to connect them.

I found lots of bearers of the Laffin surname after 1800 in Hither Pommerania. I found the origin of my ancestors in the villages Damen and Muttrin and the surrounding areas in the former Belgard-Schivelbein County. My eldest known ancestor is Joachim Erdmann Lafien, born 1778.

Another Laffin line has its origin in Stepen, Bublitz County ( later Neustettin County ).

I have the vision not only to research my own ancestry but also to build a worldwide Laffin-Family-Tree. So I need help from other Laffin family members or their descendants.

So please report !!!

Your help, your hints and your questions are always welcome.