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Obratañ – Jindřichûv Hradec – Nová Bystřice
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Some more meters and Os 216 on its route to Obrataň has half way done. Next Station is, in some hundred meters, Včelnička. Meadows, fields, forrests and fish ponds are the scenery that guides this tourist train, hauled by U 37.002, on its way from Jindřichûv Hradec to Nová Bystřice. Kunžak-Lomy, the next station will be reached within the next minutes. The Forests of Česká Kanada are the home of a lot of deer, underpinned by a lot of hunting houses in this area. During May 2012 the Photographer shoot his unbloddy picture of Os 250 on its way to Nová Bystřice, close to the station Hůrky. Track construction works in the section between Křeč and Obrataň gave a chance to capture pictures of rare seen vehicles in October 2012. The vehicle on the right will move close to T 29.014 at Křeč station to let pass bye the next Os from Obrataň. This parde of T 47 and the fresh green of the trees gave some colour into a grey and rainy day. May 2011, Jindřichûv Hradec.
A minute ago the train on the other hillside passed by the railroad crossing in front of the photographers position, climbing all the time on its way to the next stop at Křeč. Who don´t want to watch a scenery like this on a calm morning in springtime ? Černovice u Tábora, May 2011. A hunting house enabled the photographer to capture this symbiosis of spring morning, narrow gauge train and open landscape in his picture. The train has passed bye the stop at Dobešov two minutes before and will reach Chválkov station within the next minutes. May 2011. Only for a visit was M 21.004 on the JHMD tracks in autum 2010. The photographer does not now this fact, but he had choosed a lucky place between Lovětín obec and Nekrasín when the railcar passed by his position. Steam hauled trains on the northern route to Obrataň are rare. In December 2009 U 46.001 has just crossed river Nežárka and works hard at the ramp to Horní Skrýchov. Just for seconds arises Tu 47.015 out of the forest between Sudkův Důl and Křeč. The remaining time was still enough to picture these wintertime scenery in March 2013.
Advice: The here shown pictures are high compressed. Little differences between pc-monitor and book in the shown colours are possible.
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